On Spam, Comment Spam #137-140 #sunset

Pitcairn Museum of Contemporary Art, Groningen

    On Spam, Comment Spam #137-140 #Sunset
    Ink on hand sawn poplar plywood and glue, 2022.

At the invitation of the Pitcairn Museum of Contemporary Art in Groningen Petra van Noort and I made and an exhibition tailored to the size of the museum, scale 1 to 15 to be precise. While playing around with texts found in my spamfilter and Petra’s paintings of Instagram landscahpes (#sunset) we created four new works that can be read as a story of sorts.


(pictures by Pitcairn director Wim Bosch)

On Spam, Comment Spam #137-140 #Sunset

On Spam, Comment Spam #137-140 #Sunset

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