Kunsttempel, Kassel – Please leave your message!

Kunsttempel, Kassel - Please leave your message!

This Saturday, Augustus 19 16:00-19:00, the exhibition Please leave your message! will open its doors at Kunsttempel Kassel.It is an exhibtion centered around the idea of language as an important visual element and it is curated by the artist Reinhard Doubrawa.

Together with Petra van Noort I made a new wooden wall sculpture with a painted Instagram image on it. This time not a #sunset but another popular and generic hashtag was the starting point for Van Noort’s painting: #handbagaddict

Petra and I will be in Kassel for a few days around the opening so if you happen to be near, come by! The building is really beautiful and so is the line-up of participating artists.

See also: Kunsttempel.net/please-leave-your-message/